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Speeding/Traffic Ticket Attorney in Washington State

I help Washington State drivers with legal representation on: speeding tickets, red light violations, stop signs, carpool – HOV lane infractions, U-turn, no registration, no insurance, commercial driver licenses, equipment violations and other traffic infractions.

Once you hire us we take care of all the paperwork. In most cases you do not need to appear in court or take the day off of work to attend court. Traffic Ticket Attorney John T. covers tickets in King, Snohomish and Pierce County. It is important to protect your driving record, a poor driving record can cost you thousands in increased insurance costs. Additionally, if you are a professional driver or member of the armed forces it is essential to maintain a good driving record for employment purposes.

Washington State Speeding/Traffic Ticket flat-fee Pricing

We charge a flat-fee of $250 on most traffic tickets. If you have additional infractions on the same ticket there is a $50 additional charge for each additional infraction. We take care of the paperwork and attend court for you. You generally do not need to take the day off work to attend court.

The Long-Term 3-year cost of a Washington State Traffic Ticket

The cost of many Traffic Tickets in Washington State is $124. This cost represents the cost you will pay to the court if a judge finds you committed the infraction. This does not include the increased costs of insurance premiums over the next three years. Most traffic tickets take three years to fall off your driving record. The increased cost of insurance premiums, elimination of good driver discounts, and possible mandatory driving schools can result in thousands of dollars in costs.

Many people attempt to represent themselves in court when faced with a Washington State Traffic Ticket and do not retain an experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney. The results are generally unfavorable. They do not understand how to check radar gun certifications, subpoena police officers, review police reports or mount an effective defense. They generally take the day off work, only to end up receiving the ticket.

Mailing in Your Washington State Traffic Ticket fine

The cost of many Speeding Tickets in Washington State is $124. Checking the box on the back of the ticket and mailing in your Traffic Ticket fine to the City or County is the same as a judge ruling that you committed the infraction. This ticket will go on your driving record for three years

Negligent driving in the 2nd degree

We charge $400 for a Washington State Negligent Driving in the second-degree charge. A violation of Negligent Driving can drive up your insurance costs and cost you thousands of dollars over the next 3 years. It is also likely that your insurance company will drop you if you are found to have committed Negligent Driving. Additionally, it can prevent you from obtaining employment, especially employment as a professional driver. Washington State Negligent Driving Attorney John M. Tymczyszyn can work with you and the court to minimize the impact to your driving record and insurance costs.

Negligent Driving in the second degree is the most serious non-criminal traffic offense in Washington State. Do not attempt to represent yourself on this charge before speaking to an attorney.

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