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Dog bites

When a person is bitten or injured by a dog in Washington state there are a number of remedies to get you or your child compensation and care for the injuries. These claims are typically against the dogs owner and in many cases may be covered by the dog owners home owners insurance.


Washington state law is clear under RCW 16.08.040 and outlines the fact that dog owners are liable for their dogs actions, regardless of weather or not the owner was aware their dog was violent. Additionally, it does not matter if you were at the home of the dog owner or their dog is normally peaceful. It's their fault, plain and simple.

Washington state law: RCW 16.08.040 Dog bites — Liability.

The dog-owner that bites a person while they are in a public place or lawfully in a private place (including the dog owners property), is liable for damages as may be suffered by the person who was bitten. This liability is lawful regardless of the former actions of the dog or the dog owner's knowledge of such actions.(This law does not apply to police dogs or K-9 units)

How the Law Works:

Washington state law sets out a standard that is referred to as "strict liability." This standard clearly sets a high standard and basically assumes that is a person is injured by a dog that the injuries are the fault of the dog, and therefore the dog owners. Excuses by the dog owner such as "the dog doesn't like to be petted" or "it has never happened before , you must have done something wrong" are not a legally valid defense.


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