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Bellevue Square and Lincoln Square DUI

Downtown Bellevue is a popular place to meet up after work for a drink or two or go out to dinner on the weekends. Bellevue Square, Lincoln Square, and the nearby areas have a number of wine bars, pubs, and lounges to go for a drink. Unfortunately, a night out in Bellevue often means having to drive home at the end of the night.

The Bellevue Police Department is watching for drivers to make the slightest mistake to justify a traffic stop. When pulled over, the police will look for any sign of drug or alcohol impairment and arrest the driver for a DUI.

After Work Drinks

Many people working in downtown Bellevue get together with co-workers after the workday ends for a drink to decompress. It can be nice to unwind with a beer after a long workday, especially for workers in the tech industry, the financial sector, or management.

Sometimes, employers even sponsor employees getting together for happy hour at the end of the day. Encouraging everyone to stick around to bond with other employees in an out-of-office environment. It can be hard to limit your intake at these work social events, especially if the boss is footing the bill.

It can be hard for some workers to say “no” to a boss who recommends everyone on the team does a celebratory shot or a manager who wants you to have a taste of his or her favorite tequila. However, at the end of the evening, you still have to get yourself home before you come back to work the next day.

Driving home, you may suddenly realize you feel more impaired than you thought but before you can pull over, there are lights in your rearview mirror. The next thing you know, you are being booked for driving under the influence of alcohol and wonder what you will tell your family and if you should tell your employer.

While most people don't tell their employer about a DUI, it can be tough to cover up the fact that you can't drive after a DUI arrest. Even a first-time DUI carries a 90-day license suspension. You may also be required to have an ignition interlock device (IID) to get your driving privileges returned.

You only have 20-days after your DUI arrest to request a Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) hearing to prevent automatically losing your license. Talk to an experienced Bellevue DUI attorney as soon as possible to fight to keep your license.

Weekends Out in Bellevue

Bellevue has changed a lot in recent years, with Bellevue Square, Lincoln Square, and Bellevue Place become popular areas to go out on the weekend for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Dinner or a night out can include wine pairings, craft cocktails, or a flight of Northwest brewery samples.

The summer also brings a number of events to Bellevue, including the Arts and Crafts Fair, Sculpture Exhibition, and the 24-Hour Relay. When the weather warms up and rain clouds clear, most Washingtonians like to soak up the sun and enjoy the outdoor weather. These summer events often include beer tents or wine tasting events.

When drinking during the day, the combination of sun exposure and dehydration can increase the effects of alcohol. It can also be easy to lose track of the number of drinks someone has during the day while outside enjoying festivities.

Whether enjoying a night out or the summertime sun, the police are watching for drivers who show any signs of impairment, especially around Bellevue Square. Even when you've been careful about how much you had to drink you can still end up under arrest on suspicion of drunk driving.

Bellevue DUI Defense Lawyer

John Tymczyszyn is a former prosecutor who now fights to defend his clients against criminal charges in Bellevue and the surrounding areas. The Bellevue police may make you feel like you're guilty but an accusation is NOT a conviction. To avoid a criminal conviction and keep your driver's license, contact John T Law, PLCC today for a free consultation on your DUI case.


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