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It is common for juveniles, especially teenagers, to lack good judgment or test the limits of the law. Unfortunately, those bad choices have real legal ramifications. Not only can these charges have immediate consequences, but can affect employment prospects, college admissions, fitness for military service and even the ability to obtain student loans. If your child is convicted of a sex offense, your child could be forced to register as a sex offender as an adult or 10 years from the time of the incident.

Juvenile Sexual Offense Attorney

If your son or daughter has been charged with a sexual offense then their future is on the line. A juvenile convicted of a sexual offense can become a registered sex offender and forced to register well into adulthood, generally for a period of 10 years. Some sex offenses can eventually be vacated, expunged or deleted off a criminal record.  However, the charge of Rape 2nd degree can not.  If your child has been charged with a sexual offense in juvenile court I have the experience to help. 

Interviews with Police

Many people misunderstand the law and believe that police must have a parent present to interview a juvenile.  This is NOT correct. Police often intentionally find juveniles at school or away from home intentionally to prevent parent intervention. Police often lie and use intimidation tactics when interviewing juveniles in order to obtain confessions without the aide of an attorney or parent. 

I will take steps to train your child to polity decline to be questioned. Additionally, if you or your child have already spoken to police then I can help.

Free Juvenile Case Evaluation Process

If your child has been charged with a crime we will start with a free case evaluation interview.

First, I will interview you (the parent) and your son or daughter together. I'll ask you about the charges and ask for your child's version of events.

Second, I will ask the parent to leave the room and interview your child alone. Often times a child is “less than 100% forthright” with a parent in the room. It is essential that I know exactly what happened. A version of events that is not 100% honest can leave a juvenile lawyer to be blindsided by the prosecution.

Third, I will interview the parent alone. I may ask you about your child's past behavior, criminal history, and medical history. It is essential that we mount a defense that is not simply based on the events that occurred the day your child was arrested. Behavioral issues, family history, parental divorce/abandonment and medications are just some of the factors that may have contributed to your son or daughter being charged with a crime. It is important to have an experienced juvenile attorney on your side, protecting your child's future. 

Alternative Sentencing

Under RCW 13.40.0357 the State of Washington has alternative sentencing for juvenile offenders. These alternative sentences can include community service and deferred prosecution. A deferred prosecution can mean that if your child completes the assigned community service, punishment or pays fines or restitution within a prescribed period (generally 6-12 months), then the government will decline to prosecute the case.

In juvenile courts there are generally more types of alternative sentences available than in adult criminal courts. These alternative sentences generally depend on the jurisdiction. The goal of alternative sentencing is to protect the adult future of your child. In many cases an experienced Juvenile attorney can secure an alternative sentence for your child and minimize the long-term effects of a lapse in judgment.


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