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If you were arrested by Kirkland Police and not Washington State Patrol then your DUI will be heard at the Kirkland Municipal Court rather than at a King County District Court.

Kirkland has a lot to offer to residents and visitors. With a growing downtown scene and waterfront activities, Kirkland has become much more than a suburb of Seattle. While Kirkland has a good amount of trails and bike lanes, most people still use their cars to go out for dinner, drinks, or other events. The police are on the lookout for driver's who may have had one drink too many and will pull over anyone they suspect to be driving under the influence.

One of the bars in Kirkland has the dubious honor of being among the state's top DUI bars. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Juanita Pub is among the top 25 bars where people were last drinking before they were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Between 2012 and 2016, 67 people arrested for a DUI reported they were last drinking at the Juanita Pub.

A Night Out in Kirkland With Friends

Kirkland's downtown is a popular destination for a night out. The downtown area near the waterfront has dozens of dining options, pubs, and bars. Some people have the benefit of being a walkable distance to the downtown, but most people still end up driving. When it comes time to go home, drivers need to decide whether they have had too much to drink.

It can be difficult to gauge whether you should drive home or call an Uber and pick up your car the next day. A number of things can influence whether you are impaired, including your weight, gender, when you ate a meal, the size of the drinks, alcohol content, and how much time has passed.

The police are on the lookout for drivers leaving the downtown parking lots or on their way to the 520 or 405 freeway, waiting for any sign to justify pulling the driver over. Even something as simple as failing to use a turn signal could have the police pull you over. One of the first things the police ask anyone driving through the downtown Kirkland area is, “how much have you had to drink tonight?”

Unfortunately, there is no “right” answer. If you say you had nothing to drink and the officer smells the slightest hint of alcohol, he knows you are lying and may use that as a way to justify further investigation into a DUI stop. If you say “one beer with dinner,” then the officer knows you were drinking alcohol and may use it as a way to check for impairment.

Kirkland Area Wine Tasting DUIs

Wine bars and winery tasting rooms have also become popular in recent years, with plenty of offerings for wine-lovers in Kirkland. There are a number of wine bars in Kirkland, including Brix Wine Cafe, Vovina, and Lady Yum. A night out at a wine bar often involves small bites but not a lot to stave off the effects of alcohol. Depending on the person, a couple of glasses of wine may be enough to put someone over the legal limit.

Kirkland hosts wine tasting events like the Kirkland Uncorked and the I Love Kirkland February Wine Walk. Additionally, a number of tasting room have opened in the area. Wine tasting can present a problem when trying to determine if you've had too much. Counting drinks during a wine tasting can be difficult where the servings are generally small, each server pours a different amount, and you quickly lose track of how much you've had.

The prosecutor may not care that you did not think you were impaired. However, there are ways to fight a criminal charge and avoid the costly DUI penalties and a criminal record. Talk to your experienced Kirkland DUI defense lawyer about your rights.

Kirkland DUI Defense Lawyer

John Tymczyszyn is a former prosecutor who now fights to defend his clients against criminal DUI charges in Kirkland and the surrounding areas. I frequently represent clients at the Kirkland Municipal Court. It is important to remember that an accusation that you were driving drunk is NOT the same as a conviction. You have a chance to keep your license and avoid a DUI on your criminal record. Contact the Law Office of John M. Tymczyszyn, PLLC today for a free consultation on your DUI case.


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