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An individual accused of a sex crime is more likely to face severe consequences than any other type of accusation. Often, these are accusations were there is no physical evidence. Additionally there could have been alcohol or drugs involved that cloud judgement and memories. There are often no independent witnesses to the alleged crime and the situation can boil down to a "he said - she said" situation. Unfortunately, police are all too willing to file charges against the accused, regardless of a lack of evidence.

An accusation of a sex crime is devastating. Many people and jurors have strong feelings about these crimes and about sex offenders. Even a unfounded accusation of indecent exposure, patronizing a prostitute or rape can damage your reputation beyond repair. It's important to have a discreet sex crimes attorney in the Bellevue and Seattle area.

An accusation of a sex crime can lead to prison, family and friends treating you differently, mandatory sex offender registration and loss of career opportunities. In short, these type of accusations and charges can destroy your life. Often times police investigate and pursue charges based on an accusation alone. They often only have the accusation of the complaining party. These type of accusations can be motivated by financial extortion, revenge and embarrassment.

When is it time to speak with an attorney?

If you have been contacted by police, neighbors, family, friends or an accuser DO NOT try to explain your situation. Do not attempt to meet with police or explain the situation to family or friends. These actions generally make a bad situation worse. Don't risk waiting to see if charges are filed against you. Contacting a experienced sex crimes attorney is the first step in fighting these type of allegations.

Seattle and Bellevue sex crimes attorney John Tymczyszyn has successfully defended those accused of Rape, Indecent Exposure, Sexual Assault, Patronizing a Prostitute, Prostitution and other sex related crimes.

Will I need to register as a sex offender?

This is the first question that many clients ask, and for good reason. If you are required to register as a sex offender you may be placed on public websites, have your neighbors and friends informed and be shunned by friends and family. Additionally, finding employment or housing may become difficult or impossible. You should remember that only those who are convicted of a crime are required to register. The following is a list of crimes that requie sex offender registration in the state of Washington.


  1. Rape 1st degree
  2. Rape 2nd degree
  3. Rape 3rd degree
  4. Rape of a Child 1st degree
  5. Rape of a Child 2nd degree
  6. Rape of a Child 3rd degree
  7. Child molestation 1st degree
  8. Child molestation 2nd degree
  9. Child molestation 3rd degree
  10. Sexual Misconduct with a minor 1st degree
  11. Sexual Misconduct with a minor 2nd degree
  12. Indecent liberties
  13. Sexually violating human remains
  14. Voyeurism
  15. Custodial Sexual Misconduct 1st degree
  16. Custodial Sexual Misconduct 2nd degree
  17. Criminal Trespass against Children
  18. Promoting Prostitution 1st degree
  19. Promoting Prostitution 2nd degree

Sex Offender registry is a complex subject and questions on this topic require specific and individualized legal analysis. Prosecutorial discretion and prior criminal history are generally big factors in terms of being required to register as a sex offender.

You can check the WASPC Washington State Sex Offender map and database to see if there are sex offenders in your area.

*Note: Indecent Exposure does currently not require sex offender registration in the state of Washington. However, if you are convinced of indecent exposure in Washington State and move to another state you may be required to register as a sex offender in that state.


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