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Unlawful Inhalation (aka “Huffing”) in Washington State

In Washington State a misdemeanor Unlawful inhalation (aka “Huffing”) offense can have a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail and a $100 fine.  If you are convicted Unlawful Inhalation (aka “Huffing”) you could be facing a month of jail time and trouble securing employment in the future.

Often times Unlawful inhalation (aka “Huffing”) charges are prosecuted in city courts with differing procedures and penalties. A misdemeanor Unlawful inhalation (aka “huffing”) charge may sounds relatively harmless, but it can have a long-lasting impact on your ability to obtain housing, find employment and obtain student loans. Additionally, drug related crimes like Unlawful inhalation (aka “Huffing”) create significant barriers to employment for many people and can cause reputation harm in the community.

For many people charged with Unlawful inhalation (aka “Huffing”) in Washington State this is the first time they have been on the wrong side of the law. Additionally, many people charged with Unlawful inhalation (aka “Huffing”) are juveniles under 18 years of age.

Below I have listed the Washington State Law for Unlawful inhalation (aka “huffing”), this is the list of "huffing" inhalants that the state of Washington defines as unlawful:


Definition.As used in this chapter, the phrase "substance containing a solvent having the property of releasing toxic vapors or fumes" shall mean and include any substance containing one or more of the following chemical compounds:

(1) Acetone;

(2) Amylacetate;

(3) Benzol or benzene;

(4) Butyl acetate;

(5) Butyl alcohol;

(6) Carbon tetrachloride;

(7) Chloroform;

(8) Cyclohexanone;

(9) Ethanol or ethyl alcohol;

(10) Ethyl acetate;

(11) Hexane;

(12) Isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol;

(13) Isopropyl acetate;

(14) Methyl "cellosolve" acetate;

(15) Methyl ethyl ketone;

(16) Methyl isobutyl ketone;

(17) Toluol or toluene;

(18) Trichloroethylene;

(19) Tricresyl phosphate;

(20) Xylol or xylene; or

(21) Any other solvent, material substance, chemical, or combination thereof, having the property of releasing toxic vapors.


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