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Motorcycle Accidents

Whether you were the driver or the passenger in a motorcycle accident, you may be eligible for compensation due to the accident. To value the case there are two components: liability or who was at fault for the accident and damages involving the injuries and other losses you may have sustained.

The most frequent causes of motorist related accidents include:
Motorist Error: drivers often fail to detect a motorcycle riding close to them and are often too late to notice in order to prevent an accident. This is commonly due to distraction, fatigue, inexperience, reflex delay, and intoxication.
Motorist Traffic Law Violation: traffic violations such as failure to yield, speeding, and illegal lane changes are major causes of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Injuries are Greater: 

  • Burns sustained in a motorcycle crash are often greater as a motorcycle engine is fully exposed, not covered under the hood of car. This engine is around 230 degrees and can caused second and third degree burns within seconds. 
  • Internal organ, brain and spinal damage can occur as the force of impact as a motorcycle driver hits the pavement with little to no protection can traumatize many internal organs.
  • Broken bones are very common as there are no walls of a car to protect the motorcycle rider from the pavement. A fractured pelvis and wrist are normal as the rider's first inclination is to brace their fall to protect their face. 
  • Abrasions and lacerations are often sustained when a motorcycle drags the rider along the pavement. Arms, legs, skin and clothing can catch on parts of the motorcycle causing road rash. 
  • Torn ligaments and muscles occur after the fall when the rider attempts to hold on to the thousand pound motorcycle which will pull and twist tendons. 
  • Whiplash is often associated with car accidents but is just as prevalent in a motorcycle accident. the impact of an accident can snap the rider's neck and back resulting in debilitating symptoms and injuries.

An Attorney Can Help You:

All of the above listed injuries are very costly and highly debilitating to your life. With a personal injury claim, you can recover some of your lost wages and repay your medical bills. A lawyer can help with:

  • Getting the damaged motorcycle repaired or replaced at a fair value that you deserve
  • Negotiating with the insurance company for an agreed upon settlement
  • Obtaining proper medical care
  • Recovering for lost wages
  • Obtaining the highest amount possible for your pain, suffering and losses


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